About me

Hi! I'm Natalia,

a NYC-based photographer, art director, and entrepreneur. I'm 40 years old, separated and I live in New York with my 5-year-old son. I'm exploring the concept of a Modern Woman and documenting them through my photographs. Who is she? What drives her? What fears and dreams shape her path? Does she balance a career and family? What is her motto and inspiration?


My favorite topic is Women and their lives - experts, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, moms, and grandmoms). I don't like plastic faces and too much Photoshop editing. It's very important to me to remember the true beauty of a person in the current period of life. Inspired by Vincent Peters, Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh, and Patrick Demarchelier I like black and white photography as well as natural light, emotionality, expressiveness, spontaneity, elegance, and so-called "random frame aesthetics". 


My current areas of study and personal interest include photography, visual marketing, personal transformation, positive thinking, and metaphysics. I'm working on my personal photo project dedicated to the emergence of women. 

My mission is to empower women by revealing their innate potential and authentic beauty through my photography, capturing their essence and inspiring them to embody their highest selves. I aim to motivate them to embrace the present moment, pursue their life's purpose, and fulfill their mission. Additionally, I strive to assist individuals and small businesses in expressing their missions authentically through visually compelling photographs.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Marketing and then learned photography at the Belarusian Academy of Art. I worked in Marketing for a long time, and photography was my hobby. But one day, after I’d burned out as a Marketing Director I turned my hobby into a part-time and, later on, full-time business. Eventually, I became one of the most popular and successful portrait photographers in Belarus and Poland. At this moment I've been photographed for more than 12 years 

After a pause, I restarted my work in Marketing as an independent marketing professional working with experts, entrepreneurs, and personal brands, as well as with projects in contemporary art. My work was at the crossroads of Marketing and Photography and I mainly worked with international businesses and projects in art.

In 2019 I moved to New York and now I'm working in Photography, Marketing and Contemporary Art with focus on brand identity, archetypes and personal branding.