Personal Branding photoshoot for a NYC makeup artist Marta Kachmar

What quotation or saying, inspires and motivates you to be yourself and to do what you love? 

In the world of beauty and self-expression, where a brush becomes a magic wand, and a palette transforms faces into stunning canvases, I'm thrilled to tell you about Marta Kachmar. Marta makes makeup and hair styling for portrait and personal branding photoshoots and I love working with her. I love her expertise, care, and attention to each client. I love her passion for their work and I love how she highlights the beauty and uniqueness of personality. 


I love not only her skills as a beauty master but also her mindfulness, values, and wisdom. Marta is the MISSION Photo Project team member and I love to share with you her vision about life, business, success, and motherhood. You can find her on Instagram @marta.kachmar.mua to book a beauty transformation for you and your loved ones.


During our photoshoot in August, we created images and videos for her personal brand. These images will play an important role in her online portfolio, social media profiles, and marketing materials.  Marta found a special location in NYC with professional equipment for makeup/beauty services and photo/video production and we created absolutely stunning pictures. Please, read the interview and photos that we created. I also share with you some must-have images for a makeup and hair artist in the end of the blog.

What did you want to be when you were a child? 

It is such a hard question, I don't actually think It was my dream. I wanted to be an economist, probably just because it offered security, or at least that's what our parents told us. When I started working in an office, I saw that it was not my dream.


What does a successful woman mean to you? 

A successful woman is the one that can do and pursue in life what she actually wants to - if she wants to be a full-time mom, she can be, and it can be her main purpose, and that's okay. Also if she wants to be hard working, climbing the corporate leather, or running her own business - that's also great. Success is such a wide definition, it is not just a work-related term, you can be successful even when you just grow tomatoes in your backyard, as long as you feel fulfilled.

What characteristics do you most admire in other creative businesswomen?

the ability to take care of kids and business at the same time. For me as a new mom, it is still a huge struggle. Sometimes, it is very hard to find that golden middle between work and spending time with your family, and I am truly amazed when I see others nailing it.


Tell your story of becoming a makeup artist. Why did you decide one day to become a makeup artist or what does your path look like? 

I was working for a logistics company for 5 years. I did not finish school here in the US, so I did have a "clean page" of my life. I was able to do and start anything from scratch. I was not good at makeup. Not good at all, haha. But I admired it, I loved to see transformations, especially the ones that just added a little to your features. I did not like looks that made a new person from you, so I started my journey. From makeup school - long evening after a full-time job, then free gigs, and months of practice. And I am still learning!

Name of a woman or women (past or present) whom you admire or look up to. 

One of my colleagues and friends -  photographer Daria Kielek. My sister Sofia. She is a talented person who just always inspired me.


What quotation or saying, inspires and motivates you to be yourself and to do what you love? 
It is from a Ukrainian poem, the translation is "One mistake in life is not a misfortune, misfortune is when your full life is a mistake"

What book can you recommend to read to other women who start a business (in general or business in makeup)? 

Circling the Sun, Paula Mclain


What does the world need more of, less of? 

less material, and more spiritual.


Does your motherhood help you in your career/business? 

Essential images for makeup artist's Personal Brand

A personal brand photoshoot for a makeup and hair artist is a fantastic way to showcase your skills, creativity, and unique style. Here are some tips to help you plan and execute a successful photoshoot


Headshots. A professional headshot of the professional is essential. It should reveal your personality and professionalism. This image may be used on your website, media publications, LinkedIn profile and social media platforms.


Close-up Makeup photographs (in the process and final result). High-resolution, close-up photos of your makeup work. These images should highlight your attention to detail and the precision of your makeup application.


Makeup Products and Tools. Photos of the makeup products and tools you use. These images can show your dedication to using quality products and help educate your audience on your setup.


Behind-the-Scenes. Candid or staged behind-the-scenes images of you at work. These pictures give your clients and audience a glimpse into your creative process and can make your Personal Brand more relatable.


Makeup Studio or Workspace. Show the atmosphere of your makeup studio or workspace. This helps potential clients understand where and how you work. You can also create Images of your brand logo, business cards, and any branding materials you use. These help create a cohesive and professional brand identity.


Lifestyle photographs. Images that reflect your personal style and brand personality.


Your Personal Brand Transformation begins here!

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