Currently, I'm working on the project dedicated to the emergence of Women in the world. 


These women create their businesses and follow their personal missions and dreams despite all obstacles. Some of them live an ordinary life and some of them have additional challenges.  For example, some of these women may have physical disabilities or fight a serious illness; others raise a large family or take care of relatives or children with disabilities. And most of them lack financial support. 


They're just doing everything they can do to fulfill their mission.


Through my photo project, I aim to inspire women to follow their mission and be happier, because we we have no time but now.


I'm so excited about these personalities. 

In my project, I'm gonna show authentic portraits of some personalities in their regular life and tell their missions, stories, and motivational quotes.


If you resonate with the idea and share my passion for self-made women, I invite you to join my project as a partner, and I'm looking for my heroes as well. If you know a woman you admire, please get in touch. Let’s show their brilliance to the whole world - fill out the form on this page or send me an e-mail:



 I'm looking for support for my project:

- media partners

- a venue for the exhibition

- a printing company 

- financial support