Creative Photoshoot for NYC Floral Studio

Coastal Bliss: photoshoot of flower collection inspired by Santorini, Portuguese, and Halkidiki Beaches

This photoshoot captures the magical fusion of a flower arrangements and the natural beauty of the beach, combining blooms, greenery, and oceanic elements to create a captivating and serene atmosphere. Photo and videos was created to present a new flower collection in New York flower shop A&M Floral Place.

Photographer: Nata Sokolovska

Client: A&M Floral Place, New York

Model: Okszana Klevec

Santorini Serenity

This flower arrangement captures the serene beauty of Santorini's beaches with blue, white, and hot pink colors. Delicate blooms such as hydrangeas, roses, peonies and roses evoke the tranquility of the Aegean Sea. Hot pink roses take center stage in this bouquet, representing love, admiration, and beauty. Their bold color adds a pop of vibrancy, perfectly mirroring the vibrant sunsets and bougainvillea-clad walls of Santorini.

Portuguese Coastal Charm

Inspired by the stunning beaches of Portugal, this flower box showcases vibrant and warm colors reminiscent of the country's coastline. Roses, lisianthus, and greenery reflect the energy and charm of Portuguese beaches. The lush green foliage serves as the foundation of this flower box, representing the verdant landscapes and majestic cliffs found along the Portuguese coast. Greenery creates a sense of natural beauty and freshness.

Halkidiki Beach Elegance

The flower box collection draws inspiration from the serene beauty of Halkidiki's beaches, combining soft hues and delicate blooms to evoke a sense of coastal serenity and natural elegance. Shades of deep pink, lavender and white are featured, highlighting flowers like hydrangea, roses, peonies, anemone and delphiniums. These flowers symbolize love, gratitude, and beauty, infusing the arrangement with an enchanting allure. Flower arrangements embody the refined beauty of Halkidiki's coastal landscapes. These flowers symbolize love, gratitude, and beauty, infusing the arrangement with an enchanting allure.

Ocean Beauty

This bouquet captures the timeless beauty of ocean beaches, combining shades of blue, delicate white blooms, and coastal accents. White flowers symbolize purity and innocence, capturing the ethereal beauty of ocean waves. Their delicate petals and ruffled blooms add a touch of whimsical grace to the bouquet, mirroring the gentle movements of the sea. The inclusion of seashells and beach-inspired accents in the bouquet adds a unique and playful touch, reminiscent of long walks along sandy shores and collecting treasures from the ocean.